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The team at Rebus AI has in their core come up with various developments to push forward automation in our everyday lives, including Web 3.0 and Metaverse. We have started our journey with our flagship and bespoke app named NeedPick.


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The team at Rebus AI has come up with various Web 3.0 solutions to introduce how technology can make a difference in our everyday lives.

Web 3.0 Design & Creative Solutions 

Machine Learning & AI Development

Web 3.0 Web Design & Maintenance

dApps & Maintenance

Web 3.0 e-Commerce

our focus as a

tech startup

The sole focus of improving our daily lives and having a vision and mission of connecting people and cultivating best practices so that we can strive to improve our world and Metaverse one person at a time. With the emergence of Web 3.0, AI and our collective knowledge of harnessing the capabilities that are possible with latest technology we want to wield the best of tech to simplify menial and repetitive tasks. We aim to use Machine Learning as a foundation for all platforms that we develop.

In our arsenal we have few exciting projects under development which we cannot wait for them to see light. Stay tuned eagerly for more of our exciting life simplifying apps to help us in everyday tasks. To streamline and improve your life let us work, or more specifically let our AI do the work for you.

who we are...

Just like the everyday person, we grew up with humble backgrounds. Working hard and going through the struggles of everyday life. Within us there was a passion and an ambition to do more and to push for a change. 

Three of us came together wanting to do something together and bigger and thinking of our community at large. We cannot wait to roll out these ideas and concepts and in anticipation that it would be well received by the masses.

An online community that is going to be exciting and bring about a new space digitally.  The first chapter in the Need Pick story is to be revealed very soon.

As we grow our digital community, we plan to roll out more services.


our vision

To share our vision beyond our shores in Singapore and grow regionally. As one of the most IT literate locations in the world, we want to be able to share our solutions to help ease the everyday lives of South East Asians. With Rebus AI solutions fit for each country needs or simply one solution to collective ease the mundane tasks of every life for us all.

our mission

To empower people through AI and Metaverse technologies and not be afraid but instead learn how it can assist them in their daily lives and possibly even embrace it and use it as a foundation as we move into a faster paced digital society.

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